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An Icon Reimagined

Parka London

Welcome to Parka London - Where Style Meets Function.

Parka London is a modern brand which takes inspiration from its past. Our focus is quality, price and function. Our collections are designed to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around. From city strolls to weekend escapes, our outerwear is constructed to suit every occasion, taste, and budget. Below is a nod to the history of the Parka and the Parka London brand, but we are more about the present and the future. Come join the Parka London family, and step out in confidence and comfort.

Parka Origins

The word ‘Parka’ means ‘animal skin’ and originates from the Arctic regions around Alaska

Originally the indigenous Inuit made parka coats from seal skin to shield themselves from the extreme arctic climates whilst hunting and kayaking. The functional design also enabled them to protect, transport and feed their young. Usually long in length with a fur-lined hood and roomy proportions to ensure insulation and protection, the parka was also treated with fish oil to help keep it water-resistant.

The Military Parka

Enter the 1940s and, with it, WWII, bringing the parka back to the forefront of functional design.

Retaining some of the qualities of the Inuit parka, the fur-lined parka coats were introduced as military standard issue to keep the soldiers protected from the elements. Strong winds and bitterly cold weather conditions during action required the most technically engineered outerwear, which continued to evolve into the 1950s.

The 2010s

The Parka London brand was formed

After a long family history of manufacturing coats and jackets, including Parka’s for the RAF since the 1950’s, the Parka London brand was formed in East London.

In 2019, for the 40th anniversary of the film Quadrophenia, lead actor of the cult classic Phil Daniels was seen rocking the Olan Parka to celebrate the anniversary of the British hit film.

2023 & Beyond

Fast forward to now

After the acquisition of Parka London, the brand is now independently owned by a team of fashion heads; Simon, Neil and Charlie.

You, the community, will drive the next chapter of the Parka London story. Our aim is to continue to design and produce outerwear and accessories that fit into your lifestyle, from city strolls to weekend escapes. We will also be releasing new lines to the collection for the entire family (even our four-legged friends) at an unrivalled price point for the quality.